Real Free Press Illustratie (1968-1974) Complete run of 6 issues bound

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Real Free Press Illustratie bound

Rare publication all six issues of this important Dutch underground magazine bound in one volume

Real Free Press Illustratie - Offered is a complete run of 6 issues bound in one volume of one of the most important Dutch underground magazines, hand-written and edited by Robert Olaf Stoop. Each issue contains American underground comix and articles from other UPS journals.

Olaf Stoop (Ed.). Publisher: Real Free Press, Amsterdam. Magazine 1st Edition 1st Printing. Size: 43.0 x 30.6 cm. Language: Dutch (mostly) and English. Seller inventory: #24799.

The 6 issues:
1. Real Free Press Illustratie #1. Content: Ads for other UPS magazines; The system by Real Free Press founder Robert Olaf Stoop; God's secret agent O.A.S. 3 by Timothy Leary (Dutch); R. Cobb (3 pp with cartoons). Condition: Slight wear; Slight browning. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1968. Pages: 20.
2. Real Free Press Illustratie #2. Special underground comix issue. Content: Food recipes for hippies - Bake your own bread; Robert Crumb (4 pp article with comics); Vaughn Bode; Mission Possible comic by Gin Yordan; Ercola; Marihuana; Pollution; Trepanation; Matches; Situationist comic on the back page. Condition: Creases; Wear; Quite a few brown spots at the cover. Overall condition: Good. Year: 1969. Pages: 20.
3. Real Free Press Illustratie #3. Content: Gilbert Shelton interview illustrated with Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and other comics (7 pp); Genocide on South American Indians; Food recipes; Comics censored; Ed Sanders - The great Pentagon hunching contests (Dutch!); "Charles Bukowski's column "Notes of a dirty old man" from Open City underground magazine; Plaster Casters with pictures of their "art", among other the one from Jimi Hendrix and a bent one from Noel Redding; Abbie Hoffman. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1970. Pages: 24.
4. Real Free Press Illustratie #4. Content: Mexican revolution; Books on the Underground Press; Article on and drawing by S. Clay Wilson (5 pp); Ercola cover; Zapata; Vietnam and oil concessions; Great centerfold drawing by Rupert v.d. Linden; Comic on the history of anarchism (9 pp with introduction). Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1971. Pages: 24. Seller inventory: #23926.
5. Real Free Press Illustratie #5. Content: Cover drawing Aat Veldhoen. Spain Rodriguez article and comics; Scientology; Edward Gorey text and drawings; Antroposophy (Rudolf Steiner); The meaning of Karma by Alan Watts (Dutch); Mexican eight pagers (sex comics; 8pp). Condition: Tiny hole in the cover. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1972. Pages: 24.
6. Real Free Press Illustratie #6. Content: Cover illustration by Robert Crumb; Comics (article); Comics by Spain Rodriguez; Edward Gorey text and drawings; Ron Cobb - Article from the Berkeley Barb, Visit to Amsterdam and the Free Press and Cartoons (2.5 pp); Victor Moscoso; Jim Franklin visit to Amsterdam and Free Press; Full page comic, a joint production by S. Clay Wilson, H. Kurtz, Robert Crumb, Victor Moscoso; Jilbert Shelton, Spain Rodriguez and Nobert Williams; Short story "Red-dirt marihuana" by Terry Southern. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1974. Pages: 24.

Background information

Robert Olaf Stoop (1945-1998) - Olaf Stoop’s first claim to fame consisted of inserting Provo pamphlets into the right-wing daily newspaper De Telegraaf at the Schiphol airport book stand where he worked. Roza’s Lotgevallen (1966), created by Stoop, is considered to be the first alternative comix publication in Europe. With Martin Beumer, he co-founded, the Real Free Press (Amsterdam, 1965-1980) and imported American, British and French underground comix. Between November 1968 and April 1974, they published six issues of the Real Free Press Illustratie in which work was reproduced of the top of the American alternative comix scene, such as Robert Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, Spain Rodriguez and S. Clay Wilson, as well as illustrations by European artists as Aad Veldhoen and the Antwerp collective Ercola. Beumer was largely responsible for the translations, while Stoop provided the hand-lettering for the articles. The Real Free Press published comic books by Wallace Wood, Winsor McCay, Bud Fisher, George McManus and others.

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