Raket no. 12 (1980)

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Raket no. 12 (1980)

No. 12 of this Dutch punk magazine from Rotterdam.

k.k. Dubio - Raket # 12. Punk magazine from Rotterdam. Content: Letters from readers; Interview The Sonats; Review punk festival May 24, 1980 in Nivon, Rotterdam;  The arts (Artz); The Maniaks; Punk in Germany; Red Rock refuses to play on an anti-facist evening as Paradiso is charging toomuch; After the revolution; Svatsox; Art in Revolution; Pleemobielz; Police; The Ex (3 pp.). NATO; Rock against disco; Berlin; Anarchism; Program KC (Kaasee - The Mekons, The Fall, Soul Survivors, Modettes and Abwarts; Programmes for Doornroosje and O16. Inserts: (1) Anti-Queen Beatrix poster; (2) "April 30" - review of the riot on that day and the police brutality; (3) Flexi-disc of The Ex. Missing inserts: (1) Anti-police ME and Wiegel poster; (2) Raket holiday quiz.

Condition: Wear; Envelope missing. Overall condition: Very good. Magazine 1st Edition 1st Printing. Publisher: Raket, Rotterdam. Year: 1980. Size: 20.9 x 29.6 cm. Language: Dutch. Seller inventory: #28274.

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