Kabouter election poster "Lijst 10 Oranje Vrijstaat" (1970)

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Lijst 10 Oranje Vrijstaat

Kabouter poster for the municipal council elections in Amsterdam

Lux = Lex Buurman (Vrije Academie) - Er gaan véel Kabouters op éen zetel!! Lijst 10 Oranje Vrijstaat Lijst 10. Content: Gnomes (Kabouter) poster the municipal council elections in Amsterdam "Many Gnomes fit on one seat!! List 10 Orange Free State List 10". The elections ended successfully with 5 seats. The Kabouters (Gnomes) were the successors of Provo. Similar image on another Kabouter election poster reproduced in Coen Tasman (1996) Louter Kabouter. Kroniek van een beweging 1969-1974. Babylon/De Geus, Amsterdam, Page 320.

Condition: Creases; Small tear at the right-hand side. Overall condition: Good.
Poster 1st Edition 1st Printing. Publisher: Kabouter Pers, Amsterdam. Year: 1970.
Size: 43.8 x 28.0 cm. Pages: 1. Language: Dutch. Seller inventory: #13458.

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