Por (1966-1967) Complete run of 4 issues

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Por (1966-1967) Complete run of 4 issues

Por (1966-1967) Complete run of 4 issues

Por (1966-1967) Complete run of 4 issues.

Por was a regional Provo (New Left) magazine from Friesland in the Northern part of Holland.

Editors: Tom S. Hageman & E. Duintjer Tebbens. Publisher: Por, Leeuwarden. 1st Edition 1st Printing. Language: Dutch. 

The 4 issues:

Por no. 1 - Content: Provocations in Friesland; Anti sex frustration plan; Refused at a hotel; Vietnam; Local news; Facism in NATO - Portugal; Poetry. Condition: Overall condition: Very good. Published: 1966. Size: 27.6 x 10.7 cm. Pages: 20. Seller inventory: #28032.

Por no. 2 - Content: The New Left; Anti sex frustration plan II; White Cucumaber Plan; South Africa; White poetry. 2500 copies. Overall condition: Very good. Published: 1966. Size: 27.6 x 10.7 cm. Pages: 20. Seller inventory: #28033.

Por no. 3 - Content: Censorship in the library; White School Plan; Provoke as an art form; Provo concilie (meeting) in Borgharen; Great centerfold picture of Robert Jasper Grootveld during his talk on finances; Two awful Vietnam pictures; Knuppelfreed. Overall condition: Very good. Published: 1966.
Size: 27.6 x 10.8 cm. Pages: 28. Seller inventory: #28034.

Por no. 4Content: Citizen Day; Roofs blown away; We and World war II; The rise of a stamp sticker; Three question to parliament memeber Egas; Get rid of the uniforms; The White Publication Board; Christmas hymns. Condition:  Discoloration; Rusty staples; Small rust stains. Overall condition: Good. Published: 1967. Size: 30.7 x 11.7 cm. Pages: 28. Seller inventory: #26375.

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