OM and Om Bulletin (1968-1971) Complete run of 14 issues

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OM and Om Bulletin

Scarse complete run of this important Dutch underground magazine

OM – Offered is a complete run of this important Dutch underground magazine. The magazine was famous for its special issues with American underground comix in Dutch translation.

Contributors included Hans Elzinga, Hans Wesseling, Steve (of Steef) Davidson, Rudolf Verhoeve and others. Publisher:
Holy Alarm Press, Amsterdam, except for nos. 4, 8 & 10 that were published by Arcanum, Amsterdam. Magazine 1st Edition 1st Printing. Mostly Dutch and some English.

The 2 bulletins, 11 magazine issues and a special poetry issue (NOTE: There are two issues with number 5):

  1. OM Bulletin no. 1. Content: In the title: H.A.P. = Holy Alarm Press. Anti-consumenten bond. Announcements of the first issue of OM, the poetry bundle "Om is een gedicht Om", the Om exhibition; Press release for the history books; A review of a happening with Hapshash and the Coloured Coat at Fantasio; The Arts Lab with Jim Haynes visits Amsterdam; Zen macrobiotics. Overall condition: Good. Size: 33.5 x 10.8 cm. Year: 1968. Pages: 8. Seller inventory: #23169.
  2. OM Bulletin no. 2 - Omkoperij (Bribery). Content: Announcement of the 2nd issue of OM. A mentally diseased talked to a robot; Poems by Hans Wesseling; Wayne Goodman; Drawings: Anti-consumer union HAP; From the book Tanz met dem Teufel, by Gunther Schwab. Overall condition: Very good. Size:27.5 x 10.8 cm. Year: 1968. Pages: 8. Seller inventory: #23166.
  3. OM no. 1. Content: Diggers in Amsterdam Macrobiotic food - An interview with Mike Lorsch; Fluoridation of drinking water; Arts Lab of Jim Haynes; Julian Beck and Judith Malina of the Living Theater on imprisonement. Version with white cover (There is one with a green cover as well). Condition: Browning. Overall condition: Very good. Size:43.8 x 32.7 cm. Year; 1968. Pages: 20. Seller inventory: #23161.
  4. OM no. 2. Content: Lot of nice Bhudism-inspired drawings, including the entire centerfold; Full page warning "Speed kills"; Fluoridation of drinking water; A number of frantic collages; Meditation for school kids; A Charlie Brown cut up by Willem (Bernard Holtrop); Slush and Mud drawn by Rob Geesink; Living Theatre. Condition: Slight wear. Overall condition: Very good. Size:42.8 x 30.5 cm. Year; 1968. Pages: 24. Seller inventory: #23163.
  5. OM no. 3. Content: Magazine issued as a poster "Het ei van de revolutie om deze lange hete zomer op te broeden" (The egg of the revolution to bredd on this long hot summer). Other side has nice graphics and a short piece of text. Condition: Slight wear; "10" in red felt pen at the top border. Overall condition: Very good. Size:61.9 x 45.0 cm. Year: 1968. Pages: 2. Seller inventory: #25497.
  6. OM no. 4. Content: Zwart op wit boek welvaart / Wit op zwart boek welvaart. Cover: Robert Crumb drawing on front and back cover. Dutch translation of articles from the Underground Press. Robert Cobb; Willem (Bernard Holtrop); Drawings by H. Giger; Robert Olaf Stoop (Free Press) on "The System"; Drawing by Nicolas Devil; Letter from Emmett Grogan; Alan Watts; John Heartfield collage; Vaughn Bode comic; Winsor McCay comic. Condition: Large dog ear; Remains of a price sticker; Damage at the upper part of the spine. Overall condition: Good. Size:29.9 x 21.3 cm. Year: 1968.  Pages: 96. Seller inventory: #28455.
  7. OM no. 5 - Zonder uitstel van executie. Content: Zonder uitstel van executie (Without delaying execution). Probably written by Steef Davidson when he was in Breda prison. Ode to the prison system; Open your own prison; Single to utopia; no return please. White variant. There is also a blue variant. Condition:  Some pages loose; Inside pages loose from the covers; Date and place in pen at the non-printed inside cover. Overall condition: Good. Size:19.9 x 14.8 cm. Year: 1968. Pages: 24. Seller inventory: #25509.
  8. OM no. 5 – Amsterdam on 5 joints a day. Content: Special edition of OM "Amsterdam on 5 Joints a Day" with tips on shops etc. in Amsterdam such as A Magic Workshop, Fantasio, Athenaeum, Rarekiek, Ohsawa center and Kink. Witkar (White car as a follow up of Provo White Bicycles); Open letter to the city council. Condition: Overall condition: Very good. Size:27.5 x 10.8 cm. Year: 1969. Pages: 20.  Seller inventory: #23165.
  9. OM no. 6. Content: Comic by Willem; Diggers; Macrobiotic food Georges Ohsawa; First Aquarius bulletin on Macrokosmos and Microcosmos; Drawings by H.R. Giger - Biomechanoids; A-typical comic by Robert Crumb - Cosmic Capers. Condition: Browning at the fold. Overall condition: Very good. Size:43.0 x 30.8 cm. Year: 1969. Pages: 20. Seller inventory: #26684.
  10. OM no. 7. Content: Underground press; Comis and illustrations by e.g F. Adams, Spain Rodriguez (Trashman), J.W., Frederico Undiano, Hama, Sempe and Willem (Bernard Holtrop); Gary Snyder and Bhudism, Housing shortage; Price of medicines; Smokey the Bear Sutra by Allen Ginsberg (In English). Condition: Overall condition: Very good. Size:29.9 x 21.0 cm. Year: 1969. Pages: 24. Seller inventory: #26685.
  11. OM no. 8. Content: Gung-Ho, a selection of American underground comics. Cover: Rick Griffin. Victor Moscoso; Rick Griffin; Robert Crumb; Spain Rodriguez; Gilbert Shelton; Carl Lundgren; Clay Wilson. Contains a loose, one-page insert with an explanation in Dutch of underground comics by " Druid Free Press". Condition: Wear. Overall condition: Very good. Size:30.2 x 22.3 cm. Year: 1970. Pages: 96. Seller inventory: #25684.
  12. OM no. 9. Content: Ecology issue. The ecology of the revolution; Army service; Fluoride; Macrobiotics (Mike Lorsch); HAPT; American Comics: Robert Crumb; Jay Kinney. Condition: Browning. Overall condition: Very good.Size:28.9 x 20.5 cm. Year: 1971. Pages: 24.  Seller inventory: #23299.
  13. OM no. 10. Content: Dutch edition with translations of USA comics. Cover: Roger Dougherty Illustration. Robert Crumb; S. Clay Wilson; Deitch bros; Jim Franklin; Gary Grimshaw; Irons; Victor Moscoso; Rick Griffin; Spain Rodriguez; Gilbert Shelton. Condition: Slight wear.Overall condition: Very good. Size: 30.4 x 21.9 cm. Year: 1971. Pages: 100. Seller inventory: #25685.
  14. OM – Special poetry edition. Content: A special issue of OM with poetry from e.g. Allen Ginsberg, Hans Tuynman, Thom Jaspers, Hans Vlek, Hans Wesseling, Pete van Leeuwarden, Bob Perlongo, Simon Vinkenoog, Steve Davidson. Embroidered butterfly on the front cover. Condition: "25" in red felt pen at the top non-printedborder. Overall condition: Good. Size: 27.5 x 21.5 cm. Year: 1968. Pages: 24. Seller inventory: #25499.
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