Lynx - Maastricht (1966-1967) Complete run of 6 issues

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Lynx - Maastricht (1966-1967) Complete run of 6 issues

Regional Provo magazine from Maastricht in the South of The netherlands

Lynx was a regional Provo magazine from Maastricht in the Southern part of Holland.

Editors: Yves van Kempen & Roelof Bos. Publisher: Lynx, Maastricht. 1st Edition 1st Printing. Language: Dutch. 

The 6 issues:

Lynx (Maastricht) no. 1 - Content: Introduction to the first issue; New destination Dominican church; Four question to Fons Hermans; Justice and injustice in Maastricht; Vietnam; Republic; Does beat music provoke or not - Outsiders Les Baroques, Q65 and Jacq van Oers. Condition: Pen scribbles at the front cover; Pen writing (addresses) at the back cover. Overall condition: Good. Published: 1967. Size: 29.8 x 10.3 cm. Pages: 40. Seller inventory: #28035.

Lynx (Maastricht) no. 2 - Content: Harry Mulisch; NATO; Egas; Pacificm; Vietnam; The cost of the monarchy; Cartoons; militarily service; Scientific education. Condition: Multiple brown stains at the covers. Overall condition: Good. Published: 1966. Size: 29.8 x 10.4 cm. Pages: 38. Seller inventory: #25522.

Lynx (Maastricht) no. 3 - Content: Lynx accuses; Police; Funeral of God; KVP; To the regents; God is not red but orange; Freedom; The trial; Amsterdam - Prague and back; The cybernetic revolution; Vietnam; Democracy; Open letter to Paul Haimon; Jazz; Program Beatclub Fort-st.-Piter with e.g. The Scamps, The Climax, Short ’66, The Foottappers, (Cuby and?) The Blizzards, The Outsiders and The Small Boots. Centerfold  anti-NATO drawing MISSING. Condition: Good. Published: 1966.
Size: 29.8 x 10.4 cm. Pages: 48.  Seller inventory: #25523.

Lynx (Maastricht) no. 4 - Content: Peace; Communication from coitus to bombarditis; Jan Wolkers; Provoke (Dedicated to Roel van Duyn; Cancers - People anf organizations are pursuing us; A charge; Vietnam; Instuif Sittard; Peace of cruelties; White peace; Between Rome and Vietnam; Program Beatclub Fort-st.-Piter with e.g. Short ’66, Peter and The Blizzards, The Outsiders, Set Back, The Vincents, The Bintangs and The Small Boots. Condition: A few inner pages loose from the staples. Overall condition: Very good. Published: 1967Size: 29.8 x 10.8 cm. Pages: 58. Seller inventory: #28036.

Lynx (Maastricht) no. 5 - Content: Special issue on LSD. Contains a small sachet with fake LSD. Condition:  Slight wrinkling. Overall condition: Good. Published: 1967. Size: 29.8 x 10.8 cm. Pages: 54. Language: Dutch. Seller inventory: #26899.

Lynx (Maastricht) no. 6 - Content: Very nice drawings cover and removable center page by Rob Schotsman. Letter to the Prime Minister de Jong; Amsterdam; G-3 in the army; De Telegraaf; BVD - Dutch secret service; Polly Maggoo; Christians. Overall condition: Very good. Published: 1967. Size: 29.8 x 10.8 cm. Pages: 50. Seller inventory: #25421.

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