Knijp (1967) Complete set of 4 issues

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Life style hippie magazine in black and white

A complete set of this very nicely illustrated hippie "life style" magazine in black and white. Only 4 issues published.

Nic de Rooy & Cathy Hemmer (Eds.). Magazine 1st Edition 1st Printing. Publisher: Triton Pers, Amsterdam. Year: 1967. Size: 23.3 x 34.0 cm. Language: Dutch. 

The 4 issues:
1. Knijp #1. Content: Pictures of a Japanese woman by Cor Jaring; Simon Vinkenoog on exploring new territories; Wim Noordhoek wants to make train travel even more pleasant; Eric de Noorman - Story with very nice drawing by Hans G. Kresse; Interview with the director of a boarding school; Xoelapepel; The penis protector in 6 variations; The bicycle saddle sniffer; Comic "De blunder birds"; The cop and Provo game; Back cover illustrated with reproductions of posters for sale. Overall condition: Very Good. Pages: 44. Seller inventory: #24687.
2. Knijp #2. Content: Underground press; More and more old people arrested for "burengerucht" (neighbor noise); Message from prison; Parachute jumping "Lucy high in the sky"; Interview with dance teacher; Eric de Noorman - Story with very nice drawing by Hans G. Kresse; Rock climbing; Letter from a soldier working in the morgue in Saigon to his parents; Comic "De blunder birds"; Comments on the content of an old-fashioned sex book. Overall condition: Very Good. Pages: 44. Seller inventory: #24688.
3. Knijp #3. Content: Dying in the hospital IV; No Eric de Noorman, but "The secret of Mount Everest"; Translated song texts of The Mothers of Invention; Black Power (4 pp); The Blunderbirds III. Overall condition: Very Good. Pages: 36. Seller inventory: #24689.
4. Knijp #4. Content: Story by a preacher; The secret of Mount Everest II; How the papers report on the death of Che Guevara; The Blunderbirds IV; The beat journalist; Simon Vinkenoog on the elements and meditation; Emperorship of The Netherlands - History, constitution and the most important people; Mister Body Building Holland. Overall condition: Very Good. Pages: 44. Seller inventory: #24690.

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