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Alternative Amsterdam Provo magazine

Offered is a complete run of 8 issues of this alternative Amsterdam Provo magazine.

According to Roel van Duyn this short-lived magazine was published to show the "light' side of Provo, in contrast to the "theoretical-dogmatic" approach of the main Provo magazine. According to Rob Stolk, this magazine was (given the stream of mimeographed Provocation pamphlets) also meant to "ritualize the pamphletism".

Provo (Ed.). Publisher: Image, Amsterdam. Magazine 1st Edition, 1st Printing Year: 1966. Black and white, stapled, mimeographed magazines. Language: Dutch.

The 8 issues:
1. Image #1. Content: The peaceful revolution; The white press, white cinema, white television etc.; Vietnam; Ghana; Put the sick and ill in the new Dutch Bank and vice versa; Statistics on sex; A new word for the concise anarchistic dictionary; Happening news. Condition: Slight wear; Black staining from printing at the cover. Overall condition: Good. Size: 34.0 x 21.5 cm. Pages: 12. Seller inventory: #26500.
2. Image #2. Content: Devious advertisements; Military prison Nieuwersluis; Rusk, the villain of Vietnam?; Where to "store" your newborn in your too small apartment - White trash plan; Amsterdam magic centre by Rob Stolk. Condition: Wear; Discoloration; Folds; Rusted staples removed. Overall condition: Good. Size: 34.0 x 21.5 cm. Pages: 12. Seller inventory: #23651.
3. Image #3. Content: Cover drawing with in In Memoriam for Mayor Van Hall. Jazz; The white rumour; Letter from a Provo at sea; Committee against the burning of Beatles records because of Lennon's "We are more popular than Christ. Condition: Worn as expected. Overall condition: Very Good. Size: 34.0 x 21.5 cm. Pages: 12. Seller inventory: #15267.
4. Image #4. Content: Open letter to President Tito of Yugoslavia; Letter from Peter Bronkhorst to the courts complaining about his arrest at a recent happening where he was dragged by his hair for about 30 meters by the police (with two pictures in this issue); Letter from R. Stolk, P. Bronkhorst, H. Tuynman and L. v. Nimwegen to Her Cover by Ubbo Voute. Majesty the Queen to give the empty Amsterdam palace to the youth of Amsterdam; Poem by Hans Tuynman; The Chinese nuclear bomb; A rational analysis of objections against Provo. Contains as an extra page with a letter to the legal authorities to complain about police brutality during demonstrations and happenings. Condition: Worn as expected. Condition: One page loose. Overall condition: Very Good. Size: 29.4 x 20.6 cm. Pages: 16. Seller inventory: #32303.
5. Image #5. Content: Special flower issue. Dutch anthem "Wilhelmus van Nassouwe"; Freedom for beat; Simon Carmiggelt; Anti-facism; Tourists tips for Provos: Groningen; Back-cover cartoon by Ronald. From the collection of Olaf Stoop (Real Free Press). NOTE THAT THIS ITEM IS IN FAIR CONDITION ONLY!!! Condition: Wear; Creases; First and last pages loose; Hole at the edge of the cover; Soiled. Overall condition: Fair. Size: 29.4 x 20.6 cm. Pages: 14. Seller inventory: #24857.
6. Image #6. Content: Women special. Chinese revolution; Letter from a German girl who wants to become a Provo; Letter from Provo on how to become a Provo; Poem by Nico; Cartoon by Ronald. Version with black cover (There is a version with a red cover as well). Condition: Slight wear. Overall condition: Very good. Size: 29.4 x 20.6 cm. Pages: 12. Seller inventory: #26501.
7. Image #7. Content: Men special. The white clerks plan; If you are a policeman - Poem by Jhr. Leon van Amstel; Poetry; Cartoon by Ronald. This version does not have the mimeographed handwritten note on page 2 that 1000 copies were confiscated by the police, because of the last paragraph on that page. Condition: Wear. Overall condition: Very Good. Size: 29.4 x 20.6 cm. Pages: 10. Seller inventory: #5773.
8. Image #8. Content: Special smoke issue. Prostitution; The White Blow Plan; The queen; Police poem; Political party D '66; Police brutality; Poem "Defending Provo", by well known poet Lucebert (Reproduced from Maatstaf); Drawings by Ronald; Reproduction of the official paper to imprison Frans Cornelis Drost. Condition: Creases. Overall condition: Good. Size: 29.7 x 21.0 cm. Pages: 10. Seller inventory: #25702.

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