Camera Obscura no. 3 (1983)

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Camera Obscura no. 3 (1983)

Belgian punk magazine related to the Camera Obscura record label

Stéphan Barbery - Camera Obscura no. 3. Belgian punk magazine. Content: Advertisements for cassettes by Stéphan Barbery, Dixie Stars, Michel D. and many others from record label Camara Obscura and other labels; Advertisements for graphic publications and books by e.g. Frits Marnix Woudstra, Devos van Kerckoven and Alain Croibien; Ad for records from labels Nekrophile Records, Kripps, Dum-Dum-Records and Young Gods.

Overall condition: Very Good.
Magazine 1st Edition 1st Printing. Publisher: Stéphan Barbery, Brussels. Year: 1983.
Size: 21.1 x 29.7 cm. Pages: 4. Language: French. Seller inventory: #26600.

Background information

Camera Obscura – Camera Obscura was founded and edited by Stéphan Barbery. Active since the end of the 1970s, Stéphan Barbery has gone through (and taken part in) punk, new-wave, cold wave, post-punk music. He was a guitarist for numerous bands, such as Thrills, Digital dance, Snowy red, Marine, Kid Montana and Ink (with Drita Kotaji). As a graphic designer, he conceived a number of record covers and produced a number of fanzines such as Bobel Simplex. He is also the founder of the record labels Camera Obscura and Digital records.

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