William Levy & Willem de Ridder - De Ridder retrospective (1983)

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De Ridder retrospective (1983)

An overview of the works of a key person in the Dutch underground

William Levy & Willem de Ridder - De Ridder retrospective. Content: Overview of the work of Willem de Ridder. Catalog for the exhibition at the Groninger Museum 1983. Paper constellations, Flux, Hitweek, Aloha, Suck, Radio shows. Comics by Peter Pontiac.

Overall condition: Very Good.
Soft cover 1st Edition 1st Printing. Publisher: Groninger Museum and Van Wulften, Amsterdam. Year: 1983.
Size: 26.1 x 21.0 cm. Pages: 80. Language: Dutch. Seller inventory: #26461.

Background information

Willem de Ridder - In 1962 Willem de Ridder (1939) founded, together with others, the Mood Engineering Society (MES) aimed at establishing a theater form in which the audience participated. He was an important artist in the Fluxus movement founded by George Maciunas. With Peter J. Muller he founded the pop magazine Beatbox and in 1965 the first Dutch underground magazine Hitweek. He was a co-editor of the underground sex magazine Suck. Willem de Ridder was instrumental in the establishment in 1968 of the Amsterdam youth centers Paradiso and Fantasio (which later became the spiritual center De Kosmos). 

Ref: Patrick Bakkenes (2019) Kantelaars van de Sixties. Twaalf interviews over de erfenis van een tijdperk (In de Knipscheer, Haarlem) pp. 113-144; Harry Ruhé & Jeanette Dekeukeleire (2017) The adventures of Willem de Ridder (Cult Club Edition, Amsterdam).

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