Twen / Taboe (1960-1961) Complete set of 4 issues

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Twen / Taboe (1960-1961) Complete set of 4 issues

A compete set of this first Dutch underground magazine

Twen / Taboe – Offered is a complete set of 4 issues of the magazine that may be considered to be the first Dutch underground magazine. Changing editors included André van der Louw, Marinus H. Van Raalte, Rinus Ferdinandusse, Bas Roodnat & Mathieu Smedts & Almar Tjepkema & Marijke Zweers. Only 4 numbers were published by Twen Publishers (no. 1) and Amstelpers, Amsterdam (nos. 2-4). Magazine 1st Edition 1st Printing. Size: 33.6 x 26.4 cm. Language: Dutch.

The 4 issues:

  1. Twen no. 1. Content:  Cover by Ed van der Elsken. Illustrations by Yrahh, Arnold van Brakel, George Lampe, Frederique Spaanderman and Efbe. Pictures by e.g. Ed van der Elsken (Jazz), Eddy de Jongh, Joan van der Keuken, Eddy Postuma de Boer, Nico van der Stam. Writers: Bibeb (Fashion), Remco Campert, Hugo Claus, F. ten Harmsen van der Beek, Lucebert, Cees Noteboom, Tom Pauka, Renate Rubinstein, Cornelis B. Vaandrager (Rotterdam by night), Simon Vinkenoog (Barbarians (Mods) from the Leidseplein), Micha de Vreede and Jan Vrijman. Condition: Small dog ears in the cover; Small tear at the upper part of the spine. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1960. Pages: 102.  Seller inventory: #26352.
  2. Taboe no. 2.Content: Cover picture by Eddy Postuma de Boer. Illustrations by Asto, Gub, Frank Lodeizen, Fritz Muller, Oey Tjong Sit, Tomi Ungerer, K. Smit and Wil van der Zwaan. Pictures by e.g. Ed van der Elsken, Eddy de Jongh, Joan van der Keuken, Eddy Postuma de Boer and Kees Pot. Writers: Hans Andreus, Remco Campert, Ed van der Elsken, Willem Frederik Hermans (Pre-publication? from Nooit meer slapen (Never sleep again)), Frits Muller (LSD - with pictures of Frits Muller and Simon Vinkenoog taking a trip), Tom Pauka, Renate Rubinstein, Arne Zuidhoek, Ina Tammes, Friso Endt (Gerry Mulligan) and Simon Vinkenoog. Condition: Slight discoloration. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1960. Pages: 102.  Seller inventory: #26353.
  3. Taboe no. 3.Content: Cover picture by Peter Ruting. Illustrations by e.g. Peter van Straaten, Tomi Ungerer, Hannes Postma and Wessum. Pictures by e.g. Oscar van Alphen, Ed van der Elsken, Leonard Freed, Eddy de Jongh, Eddy Postuma de Boer, Kees Port and Nico van der Stam. Writers: Remco Campert, F. ten Harmsen van der Beek, Jack Kerouac (Bop: translated by Remco Campert), Gerrit Kouwenaar, Tom Pauka, Hugo Raes, Tom Rap, Bas Roodnat, Renate Rubinstein. Condition: Tiny spot of damage at the lower-end of the spine. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1961. Pages: 90. Seller inventory: #26354.
  4. Taboe no. 4.Content: Cover picture: Shunk-Kender (Paris). Illustrations by Pin van Boxel, Joke, George Lampe, Opland, Tilly Reintjes and Ursula den Tex. Pictures by e.g. Henri Cartier-Bresson (China), Ed van der Elsken, Eddy de Jongh, and Eddy Postuma de Boer. Writers: Hans Andreus, Remco Campert, Noud van den Eerenbeemt (Olympia pornographic press), Friso Endt, Guillaume van der Graft, Jef Last (China), Tom Pauka, Renate Rubinstein, Mathieu Smedts (Lady Chatterley obscenity trial in England) and Simon Vinkenoog. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1961. Pages: 90.  Seller inventory: #26355.

Background information

Twen was an avant-garde magazine founded by André van der Louw and Almar Tjepkema appeared in 1960. It originated from the youth movement AJC (Workers Youth Central) and was modeled after the German Twen. Because the German Publisher Springer objected to the same name for the Dutch magazine, Twen was called Taboe after the first issue. Writers and photographers who were part of the upcoming Dutch cultural elite, such as Simon Vinkenoog, Renate Rubinstein and Ed van der Elsken, worked on Twen and later Taboe. The magazine had a modern and cosmopolitan appearance. The photography in black and white and the layout turned out to be sensational. The magazine was filled with pieces on social themes, art, living, travel reports and fashion reports. Still, Taboe soon ran into problems: not only because of the taboo-breaking and at the time perceived controversial and 'very rough' content, which caused advertisers to drop out, but also because the editors were constantly at odds with each other. After the fourth issue, around July 1961, Taboe became defunct. Its influence on later magazines in the Netherlands has been unmistakable.

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