Periódicodenadamasunahoja nos. 2012, 2015-2021 (1979)

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Periódicodenadamasunahoja nos. 2012, 2015-2021

Spanish punk-related cultural magazine

Juan Carlo González Dantamaria "Jotacé" and the Micromassa group. - Periodicodenadamasunahoja nos. 2012, 2015-2021. Eight (8) issues of this Spanish punk magazine, consisting of one page. Content: Diverse graphic expressions.

Condition: Wear. Overall condition: Very Good.
Magazine 1st Edition 1st Printing. Publisher: Periodicodenadamasunahoja, Barcelona. Year: 1979.
Size: 30.6 x 21.5 cm. Pages: 8. Language: Spanish. Seller inventory: #26607.

Background information

Periódicodenadamasunahoja – This punk-related graphic magazine was devised by Juan Carlos González Santamaría "Jotacé" and the Macromassa group (Victor Nubla, Enrique Villalba, Crek and Javier Garcia) in 1979. It was a free publication, quickly produced on a weekly basis, without editorial infrastructure. The total number of issues is unknown, but at least 64 were published. The format consisted of a single sheet of DinA4 (“Periódico de nada más una hoja” translates into “Newspaper of just one sheet”), printed on one side in one-ink offset and some numbers, photocopied. In its content, planned by Crek and Nubla, artists and collectives from the three fields of the underground participated: music, comics and literature, maintaining the anonymity of the authors. The main distribution centers were the ZAP 275 and Casa Nostra bookstores. The numbers were assembled using a typewriter, cutter, photocopies, various templates, Letraset and glue. The magazine had three periods:

  • Numbers 2006 – 2050, published in 1979-1980 managed by Jotacé and Macromassa. and printed at Graficas Tordera (Pl. Raspall, Barcelona) and on occasions, at the printing house of Quim Boix's sister.
  • Three numbers, published in 1981 in Montpellier (France) in a week by Victor Nubla, Claudio Zulián and Armand Miralles "Frigico".
  • Seventeen numbers, published in 1982 directly from ZAP 275 with irregular periodicity.

Ref: Accessed February 21, 2021.

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