Oz magazine no. 05 (1967)

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Oz magazine no. 05 (1967)

One of the most influential English underground magazines.

Richard Neville & Martin Sharp (Eds.) - OZ no. 05. Content: Special surprise issue. One side contains a magnificent photocollage poster by Martin Sharp "Plant a flower child". The other side contains text about the "Evil Alf Movement" with black and white pictures. Pink version (yellow and dark orange versions exist as well)

Condition:  Slight wear; Two tiny holes at the intersection of the folds; Tiny tear. Overall condition: Very good.
Publisher: OZ, London.
1st Edition. 1st Printing. Published: 1967.
Size: 114.0 x 76.5 cm. Pages: 2. Language: English. Seller inventory: #27915.

Background information

Oz is graphically the most beautiful and adventurous underground magazine from the Sixties. To a large part this can be attributed to graphic designer Martin Sharp. He came to London with Richard Neville from their home country of Australia. This was partly motivated by resistance of the established order against the Australian Oz, the forerunner of the English Oz. Of London Oz 48 issues appeared between February 1967 and November 1973. The editorial staff consisted of Richard Neville, Jim Anderson and Felix Dennis.

Oz's editors were taken to court for alleged obscenities in issue 28, the "Schoolkids" issue compiled by high school students. The lawsuit attracted national and international attention. Oz's circulation was 20,000 in 1968 and rose to 70,000 after the trial in 1971.

Refs.: John Noyce (1979) The directory of British alternative periodicals 1965-1974 (The Harvester Press, Sussex) p. 219-222; Tony Palmer (1971) The trials of OZ (Blond & Briggs, Manchester); Jan Pen & Peter Sijnke (2022) Nederlandse undergroundpublicaties 1964-1976 (Koninklijke Van Gorcum, Assen) p. 37.

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