Innerspace. The magazine of the psychedelic community (1966-1967) Near complete run of 5 issues

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Innerspace 5 issues

The magazine of the psychedelic community

Innerspace. The magazine of the psychedelic community (1966-1967)

A near complete run of 5 issues is offered.

Editor: Peter Weinberg. Publisher: Linn House, New York. Magazine 1st Edition 1st Printing. Language: English.

The 5 issues:

  1. Innerspace. The magazine of the psychedelic community no. 1. Content: A manifesto; LSD and the law; Basic turn-on methods by Timothy Leary; An LSD user answers Cohen and Alpert. Condition: Severe browning / discoloration. Overall condition: Good. Year: 1966. Size: 28.4 x 21.7 cm. Pages: 24. Seller inventory: #26705.
  2. Innerspace. The magazine of the psychedelic community no. 2. Content: Turn-off politics; LSD; The Rhinestone in the artichoke, by Arthur Kleps; Neo-American church facilities; League for spiritual discovery; LSD meets ESP. Condition: Browning; Discoloration.  Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1966. Size: 28.2 x 21.7 cm. Pages: 32. Seller inventory: #26706.
  3. The magazine of the psychedelic community no. 3. Content: What Allen Ginsberg said to Dr. Fox; Ken Kesey; Nice illustration by Jose Marti; Psychedelic and the non-violent revolution; Ron Cobb cartoon; The Diggers; Neo-American Church; Haight Ashbury, by Michael Bowen; Timothy Leary at the Village Theatre; On morality, by J.D. Kuch, Boo-Hoo of the Neo-American Church. Condition: Slight wear. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1966.Size: 28.4 x 21.7 cm. Pages: 32. Seller inventory: #26707.
  4. Innerspace. The magazine of the psychedelic community no. 4. Content: Front cover by Martin Carey; Back cover: Ron Cobb cartoon; LSD; The bombardment and annihilation of the planet Saturn; The Haight Ashbury: The Human Be-In in San Francisco, review by Michael Bowen; Drop City commune; Orphic Mystery trip; Psychedelic experience and Visionary Art. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1967. Size: 27.8 x 21.5 cm. Pages: 32.Seller inventory: #26708.
  5. Innerspace. The magazine of the psychedelic community no. 5. Special: American Indian Issue. Content: STP; Sioux speak; Nice illustrations by JP Foggo, John Oken, Hilda Hoffman and Martin Carey; The migration of cultures. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1967. Size: 28.1 x 21.6 cm. Pages: 32.  Seller inventory: #26709.

Background information

A total of six issues of this off-shoot of the East Village Other counterculture magazine were published, with Peter Weinberg as its managing editor. This early psychedelic zine, billing itself as “The Magazine of the Psychedelic Community”, was founded in reaction to the ongoing control of psychedelic substances. Innerspace aspired to serve as a “clearing-house” for information about the potential benefits of psychedelics; its initial issue included a manifesto lamenting the lack of “positive useful data” available to the millions of users. Early issues included articles by Timothy Leary, Peter Stafford, Art Kleps, and Lisa Bieberman, as well as book reviews, research abstracts, discussion of media mentions of psychedelics, and related event announcements. A rare magazine, noteworthy for its attractive design and intelligent approach to 1960s drug culture.

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