Iets no's. 15, 16, 17 & 18 (1967/8)

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No. 15 comes with a free flexidisc record: Side A: Hans Wesseling et a - Freak-in-Love-out and it happens .......... for over (Poems); Side B: Le Roi Jones - Black Dada Nihilismus.

Four issues of Iets (out of only 5 published; numbered 14-18).

Magazine 1st Edition 1st Printing. Editor: Arras. Publisher: Iets, The Hague. Language: Dutch. Overall condition: Very Good.

The 4 issues:

1. Iets #15. Content: Black Dada; The dangers of LSD; Artist Alfred Eikelenboom; Lisa Biberman of the Psychedelic Information Center says that the word Psychedelic has been associated with the wrong things; The scene in Chicago; Kicking poems by Wim Gijsen; LSD houses should be found (?). With free flexidisc record: Side A: Hans Wesseling, Jan van de Meer, Wijnand Mens, Ernst Cats, Enno Veldhuys and Hans Schmidt - Freak-in-Love-out and it happens .......... for over (Poems); Side B: Le Roi Jones - Black Dada Nihilismus. Condition: Stamp at the cover; Slightly frayed upper edge. Year: 1967. Size: 44.0 x 29.0 Cm.. Pages: 8. Seller inventory: #25690.
2. Iets #16. Content: Very nicely illustrated front cover; Andy Warhol; The negro in Dutch literature; Review of the "Marihuana papers", edited by David Salomon; Provadya? Club started as follow-up of PRO; Love society in The Hague; Nudism in The Netherlands; Chemical synthesis of hallucinogenic compounds; Discussion between Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder and Allan Watts on change (Translated from the SF Oracle); Nice centerfold illustrations. Year: 1967. Size: 42.9 x 30.4 cm. Pages: 12. Seller inventory: #25482.
3. Iets #17. Content: Black power; Picture Camping Flight to Lowlands Paradise; Armand; Sextant; Jean Streaker; Provo Liquidation Committee. Contributors e.g. Jack Gadella, Hans Tuinman, Wim Gijsen. Year: 1968. Size: 42.5 x 30.5 cm. Pages: 16. Seller inventory: #25483.
4. Iets #18. Content: Emergency issue because of the confiscation by the police of Iets 16 and 17. Which articles in Iets 16 and 17 do not comply with existing law; Hapt (IUK) would like to cover Dutch underground scene; Hitweek confiscated in Belgium; Jesus and LSD; Tabus; What did annoy you? Year: 1968. Size: 42.8 x 30.6 cm. Seller inventory: #25484.

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