Heatwave (1966) Complete run of 2 issues

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Heatwave (1966) Complete run of 2 issues

Underground anarchist magazine.

A compete run of 2 issues of Heatwave.

Underground anarchist magazine. Heatwave was a continuation of a one-off English version (#6) of The Rebel Worker.

Magazine 1st Edition 1st Printing. Publisher: Heatwave, London. Year: 1966. Size: 25.5 x 20.5 cm. Language: English.

The 2 issues:

Heatwave no. 1 - Charles Radcliffe (Ed.) 
Content: Provo Amsterdam; The great accident of England; Manifesto of Resurgence Youth; Holland; The seeds of social destruction; Day tripper: A visit to Amsterdam. Condition: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ITEM IS IN POOR CONDITION!!! The back cover and pages 39 and 40 are missing. XEROX COPIES OF THESE PAGES HAVE BEEN ADDED; Wear; Creases; Dog ear with creases; Stains; Damage of cover and pages near the spine. Overall condition: Poor. Pages: 40. Seller inventory: #28074.

Heatwave no. 2 - Christopher Gray & Charles Radcliffe (Eds.) Content: Dada and surrealism; Provo; Revolution; Marcel Duchamp; Unitary urbanism; The Guerrilla manifesto; Mad Mama's blues. Overall condition: Very Good. Pages: 36. Seller inventory: #26555.

Background information

Heatwave - Charles Radcliffe founded the anarchist magazine Heatwave, as a sister magazine of the Rebel Worker (Chicago), of which he co-edited the one-off English issue 6 together with Franklin & Penelope Rosemont. Both magazines became known for their original revolutionary perspective, innovative social/cultural criticism and class-war humor. They developed a truly radical theory and practice, rooted in poetry, provocation, blues, jazz and pleasure. Active in e.g. strikes and free-speech fights, they also introduced readers to important writings by and about surrealists, situationists, IWW (Industrial Workers of the World), anarchists, libertarian Marxists, Provos, the Japanese Zengakuren and others.

In 1966, two issues of Heatwave were published in London. Of issue one, two printings were published in 1966. The second issue was jointly edited with Christopher Gray, and was heavily influenced by a meeting with Guy Debord and the induction of both editors into the Situationist International (SI). A third issue was planned, but shelved after both editors abandoned the SI.

Ref: Boo-Hooray - https://www.abebooks.com/Heatwave-1-2-Complete-Charles-Radcliffe-Christopher/30227544332/bd. Accessed December 2020; Franklin Rosemont & Charles Radcliffe (2005) Dancin’ in the streets! Anarchists, IWWs, Surrealists, Situationists & Provos in the 1960s as recorded in the pages of The Rebel Worker & Heatwave (Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company, Chicago).

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