Frank Bettencourt - Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull & Fraternity of Man (1969) Concert poster

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Frank Bettencourt - Led Zeppelin

This second printing is as rare as the first printing from the same year

Frank Bettencourt - Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull & Fraternity of Man. Art of Rock: 3.041. Henkel: JS23. Poster for concert organized by Jim Salzer at the Fairgrounds Arena, St. Barbara, USA. Led Zeppelin spelled as Led Zepplin. Second, licensed printing, done just after the concert:  (1) The artist's name is written as "F. Bettencourt"in one of the bricks, in the first printing this is "Bettencourt"; (2) The windows in the turret are blue, these are purple in the 2nd printing; (3) )The window in the tower is redish-pink, this is purple in the 2nd printing; (4) The printer's name is not printed at the bottom; The name of the printer ("Pacific Printing") does not appear in this 2nd printing; (5) The sky above "Led" has pink parts in the 2nd printing, while it is entirely dark purple in the 1st printing.

Condition: Slight water damage with yellowing of the paper at the lower edge and in the left-hand corner (hardly visible); Faint stain from tape removal at the back. Overall condition: Very Good.
Poster 1st Edition 2nd Printing. Publisher: Jim Salzer, Santa Barbara, CA. Year: 1969.
Size: 57.5 x 44.4 cm. Pages: 1. Language: English. Seller inventory: #13777.

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