Fizz (1968-1970) 7 issues

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Very rare underground magazine from Alkmaar, which from issue 12 became part of the Kabouter movement (Gnomes / Orange Free State)

Seven (7) issues from this very rare alternative underground magazine from Alkmaar.

Magazine 1st Edition 1st Printing. Publisher: Fizz, Alkmaar. Language: Dutch. 

The 7 issues:
1. Ruud Bakker (Ed.) - Fizz # 03.5. Content: Revolution - A number a fake articles on revolution in the Alkmaar area, such as Unrest at the Wadden, Actions Schagen, BB bunker becomes pop center; mutiny at the "zeven provinciÎn", cultural revolution in Hoorn. Condition: Browning; One page sticking out. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1968. Size: 30.4 x 10.9 cm. Pages: 24. Seller inventory: #24418.
2. Ruud Bakker (Ed.) - Fizz # 08. Content: Provadya? in Schagen and in Alkmaar; Correspondence on service in the BB; DAK - De Andere Krant in Eindhoven and Den Bosch - History; Union for Army Reful; Robert Crumb comic from OZ magazine; The Living Theater; Twenty years NATO Pinksterkommune Terrein in Callantsoog with the band Double Crossing; Art protest. Condirion: Slightly soiled. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1969. Size: 9.9 x 30.4 cm. Pages: 16. Seller inventory: #24419.
3. Ruud Bakker (Ed.) - Fizz # 10. Content: Holland Hapt; Sex and politics; Action at BB Bunker Schagen; Rooms to let; Rock and other poetry; The Left in Holland; Schools; NVSH; Provadya? Alkmaar: Villitz, Hoorn and Beverwijk; Street Theater. Condition: Slightly soiled; Faint stain. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1969. Size: 13.1 x 30.5 cm. Pages: 24. Seller inventory: #24420.
4. Leo Bankersen et al. (Eds.) - Fizz # 12. Content: From issue 12 part of the Kabouter movement (Gnomes / Orange Free State); Departments of the Kabouter movement; Den Helder; Provadya?; Holland-India-Holland Part 1; Who grows the most beautiful cannabis plant; Reasons to be rejected for army service; Subvers press. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1970. Size: 13.9 x 30.7 cm. Pages: 24. Seller inventory: #24421. 
5. Leo Bankersen et al. (Eds.) - Fizz # 13. Content: Lot of info on the Alkmaar Kabouter movement (Gnomes / Orange Free State); Provadya? in Heerhugowaard, Alkmaar, Schoorl, Bovenkarspel; Reference on page 15 to an underground conference in Uddel; Excerpts from de Nieuwe Line of a conversation between Roel van Duyn and Ton Regtien; Invitation fror a football match declined by the police; Biological Dynamical food; The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers by Gilbert Shelton - Centerfold translated in Dutch; Release; BVD (Dutch Secret Service) at schools. Does not contain the poster from The Angola Committee. Condition: Stain; Solied; Dog ear Overall condition: Good. Year: 1970. Size: 14.2 x 30.6 cm. Pages: 24. Seller inventory: #24422.
6. Leo Bankersen et al. (Eds.) - Fizz # 14. Content: Lot of info on the Alkmaar Kabouter movement (Gnomes / Orange Free State), amongst other from the Department of satisfaction; Travel stories from Afghanistan; The Gunner, a kind of Provadya? in Langedijk; Provadya? in Schoorl; Kabouterstad Den Helder; Listening  and sleeping squad initiated by Hitweek / Aloha; Robert Crumb comic. Condition: Slight browning. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1970. Size: 14.1 x 30.6 cm. Pages: 24. Seller inventory: #24423.
7. Leo Bankersen et al. (Eds.) - Fizz # 18. Content: An adaptation of a bible part against the Vietnam war and Nixon; Theater; The travel stories of Iceman and Cooks with illustrations by Toine Moerbeek; Translation from IT of the letter by Jean Jacques Label (Sic! Lebel) to defend his actions at the Isle of Wight festival; Provadya? Alkmaar and Hoorn. Condition: Some paper loss at the cove Overall condition: Good. Year: 1970. Size: 20.5 x 30.6 cm. Pages: 16. Seller inventory: #24417.

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