De Teleraaf (1967) Complete run of 2 issues

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De Teleraaf

Complete set of this mock Provo version of the right-wing newspaper De Telegraaf

De Teleraaf was a mock Provo version of the right-wing newspaper De Telegraaf. 

A complete run of two issues is available.

The two issues:

Newspaper published by Provo. 1st Edition 1st Printing. Year: 1967. Size: 60.0 x 44.4 cm. Language: Dutch. 

  1. De Teleraaf # 15 April. Condition: Frayed edges; Wear; Extra fold over the length. Overall condition: Good. Pages: 4. Seller inventory: #21365.
  2. Teleraaf # ?. Condition: Browning as expected. Overall condition: Very Good. Pages: 4. Seller inventory: #21059.


Mock version of the right-wing daily newspaper De Telegraaf. Two issues were published, both in 1967. The first one was issued, following the action of marines against hippies and other long hairs in the Amsterdam Central railway station and the defacing stories in the real Telegraaf about the Provo boat. In the second issue, published on the occasion of the five-hundred thousandth subscriber of De Telegraaf, the real Telegraaf is mercilessly and ironically detested. The main article heads “Definitieve oplossing van het krantenprobleem” (Final solution of the newspaper problem) suggests that De Telegraaf should protect and supervise all other newspapers and invade the ANP news service.


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