De Pedaalemmer no. 05 (1980)

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De Pedaalemmer no. 05

Issue 5 of Dutch punk magazine De Pedaalemmer (The Pedal Bin)

Bill Rezillo et al. (Eds.) - De Pedaalemmer #05. Vlissingen punk magazine. Content: Crass; Rock Against religion Festival; Monroe splits up; No Tears; Raket comic; Crass; Review concer Sammie America's Gaspetti; Red Rock; Malcolm McLaren and The Sex Pistols; Review concert Nitwitz and Jesus and the Gospelfuckers.

Condition: "f 1,95" in pen at the cover. Overall condition: Very Good.
Magazine 1st Edition 1st Printing. Publisher: De Pedaalemmer, Vlissingen. Year: 1980.
Size: 29.7 x 21.0 cm. Pages: 36. Language: Dutch. Seller inventory: #24119.

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