De Paniekzaaier (1971-1972) Complete set of 4 issues

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De Paniekzaaier

Complete set of this Kabouter magazine focused on environmental issues

Kabouter / Oranje Vrijstaat (Gnomes / Orange Free State) focused on environmental issues. Four issued, plus a fifth as part of newspaper "De Nieuwe Linie.

See: Tasman, Coen "Louter Kabouter. Kroniek van een beweging 1969-1974" pages 113-115.

Roel van Duyn et al. (Eds.). Magazine 1st Edition 1st Printing. Publisher: De Paniekzaaier, Amsterdam. Size: 29.4 x 10.2 cm. Language: Dutch. 

Complete set of the regular 4 magazines:

1. De Paniekzaaier #1. Content: Philips Duphar produces nerve gas; Panic University; The raise of panic science; Alternative culture in the 17th ad 18th century; Mansholt; Very nice cartoons by Willem (Bernard Holtrop. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1971. Size: 29.4 x 10.2 cm. Pages: 34. Seller inventory: #23315.
2. De Paniekzaaier #2. Content: Special Water Issue. Water pollution; Soap; Course catastrophology; Philips Duphar; What do the kabouters do in the city council?; Very nice cartoons and a great centerfold (!!!!) by Willem (Bernard Holtrop. Condition: Two small brown stains at the cover; Brown stains at the back cover. Overall condition: Good. Year: 1971. Pages: 42. Seller inventory: #23316.
3. De Paniekzaaier #3. Content: Building for the Future Issue. Atomic energy; Panic health care; Course catastrophology; Water pollution; Fluor does not prevent tooth decay; Nature protection. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1972. Pages: 42. Seller inventory: #23317.
4. De Paniekzaaier #4. Content: Jolly Issue. Very nice cartoons and centerfold by Willem (Bernard Holtrop; The Mentaweiers in Indonesia; Freedom; Solar energy; Catastrophology. Overall condition: Very Good. Year: 1972. Pages: 42. Seller inventory: #23318.

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