Black Mask no. 08 (1967)

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Black Mask no. 08 (1967)

Issue 8 of the anarchist magazine Black Mask 

Benn Morea & Ron Hahne (Eds.) - Black Mask no. 8. Content: The new proletariat; Culture and revolution.

Condition: Faint brown stain at the cover. Overall condition: Good.
Magazine 1st Edition 1st Printing. Publisher: Black Mask, New York, NY. Year: 1967.
Size: 33.0 x 25.5 Cm.. Pages: 4. Language: English. Seller inventory: #26557.

Background information

Black Mask - Founded in the mid-1960s by Ron Hahne and Ben Morea, the playful anarchist Black Mask group evolved out of the New York Surrealist Group and the American Anarchist Group. They melded the ideas and inspiration of Dada with the anarchism of the Spanish Revolution. In 1968 Black Mask dissolved into “The Family”, popularly known as Up Against the Wall Motherfucker (UAWMF), which combined the confrontational theater and tactics of Black Mask with a much more aggressive approach in dealing with the police and authorities. The Black Mask group and UAWMF heavily influenced the art, politics, and culture of the decade with acts of rebellion, pranks and social activism. They briefly shut down the Museum of Modern Art, protested Wall Street, battled at Students for a Democratic Society conferences and defended the shooting of Andy Warhol. The group interacted with related visiting groups such as the UK Situationists that formed King Mob, the Japanese Zengakuren and the Dutch Provos.

Ten issues of Black Mask magazine were published by between November 1966 and April/May 1968.

Refs.: Ron Hahne & Ben Morea (2011) Black Mask & Up Against the Wall Motherfucker. The incomplete works of Ron Hahne, Ben Morea, and the black mask group (PM Press, Oakland, CA); Johan Kugelberg (Ed.; 2018) Opposition: Black Mask, Ben Morea, & U.A.W.M.F. (Boo-Hooray, New York, NY); Accessed December 2020.

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