Bart Huges - The mechanism of brain blood volume (1964) The scroll

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Bart Huges - The Scroll

A rare artifact of the Dutch Sixties

Bart Huges - The scroll - The mechanism of brain blood volume. The famous scroll by Bart Huges about the blood brain volume, which formed the reason for his self-inflicted trepanation (a hole in his forehead).


Condition: The scroll has been restored - Tape remains were removed; Tears repaired; The scroll was mounted on Japan paper for reinforcement. Unfortunately, the scroll was bleached too long. resulting in partial fading of the background color (spotted), fading of the lettering and the illustrations. Everything is still there and readable, but faded. Still a very rare piece of Sixties history. Overall condition: Fair.
Scroll 1st Edition 1st Printing. Publisher: Bart Huges, Amsterdam. Year: 1964.
Size: 279.5 x 43.3 cm. Pages: 1. Language: Dutch. Seller inventory: #26322.

Background information

Hugo Bart Huges (also Hughes; 1934 - 2004) – Bart Huges attended medical school at the University of Amsterdam, but was refused a degree due to his advocacy of marijuana use. At first, he was, as the medical advisor of Robert Jasper Grootveld, an advocate for the use of marihuana, naming his daughter, born in 1963, Maria Juana. In 1964 he published "The mechanism of brain blood volume ('BBV')", also known as "Homo Sapiens Correctus", an almost three-meters long scroll in which he proposed to use trepanation (making a hole in the skull) as a means to enhance brain functionality by balancing the proportion of blood and cerebral spinal fluid, causing a natural permanent high. Using a foot-operated electric dentist drill, Huges drilled a hole in his own skull on 6 January 1965 to demonstrate the beneficial effects of trepanation. His third eye was revealed by Simon Posthuma and Robert Jasper Grootveld during the happening “Stoned in the streets” on January 11, 1965. There is doubt whether he actually drilled a hole in his skull or just superficially penetrated the skin.

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